The Problem


The Business Development Managers (BDM’s) were faced with the challenge of managing customer enquiries and claims, often at the critical time of renewal. Escalations on pricing and other issues were frequently taking too long and had no clear point of ownership. The BDM lacked transparency on escalation status or who to contact for support. As a result, customers would have to wait for new pricing, or customers would be lost to competitors who could offer better pricing on similar products.

The Solution


Within 6 weeks, a bespoke escalation and reporting tool was built. The tool enabled fast submission of pricing, claims and reporting queries to servicing teams; Monitoring of SLA’s and real time reporting on enquiries and escalations at product, state or BDM level.

The Outcomes


  • Visibility of Issues improved by 93%
  • Speed of simple lodgement/follow up improved by 40%
  • Speed of complex lodgement/follow up improved by 20%
  • Freed up 1-3 hrs per BDM per week (equating to a 1 FTE benefit to this organisation)

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