The Problem


Our customer is a local success story. Through a reputation for quality and service, they have experienced unprecedented growth over the last 2 years, but with unprecedented growth comes issues with scale, service design and delivery and customer experience. Significant administration time is consumed developing business and helping customers clarify their vision; therefore, meeting expectations can become difficult. In framing their design challenge, we asked:

  • How might our client inspire their customers, create confidence and clarity on their design and cost?
  • How might our client utilize the customer solution to know what the customer wants and generate leads?

The Solution


We led a combination of customer experience service design workshops and IT development. This enabled us to gather customers lived experiences before developing an IT solution. This helped their customers to build a vision of their own garden and manage cost expectations, while also increasing revenue and reducing administration and effort for our clients. To do this we:

Defined the important problems

  • Identified break points in the customer journeys & synthesized the insights from labs and journey maps
  • Certified the truest and highest priority needs that drove customer and business value

Ideated for innovative solutions

  • Brainstorm sessions and rapid prototype sessions were held
  • Worked out which features of the solution meant most through customers labs

Prototyped the solutions

  • Developed the wire frame of the solution and the first working prototype
  • Tested and modified iterations until we got it right

The Outcomes


End Customers

  • Improved confidence and clear vision
  • Trust around cost and quality
  • Ease of purchase
  • Superior customer experiences

For Our Client

  • Increased leads from web tool through automated workflow
  • Improved & increased sales conversations (warmer sales)
  • Increased average spends
  • Decrease in administration & business development effort
  • Decreased wastage and errors caused by unclear vision and plan
  • The potential to build a new service channel and garden design service

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