The Problem


The landscaping team are on the road with deliveries when commercial and retail customers call for a quote to supply product. Because pricing information is back at base on the work PC, customers get a rough verbal quote from memory (which is often inaccurate) or a promise to call back once they could get to the office to write one up.

In 2018 the company estimated the potential revenue loss was enough to fund the cost of major infrastructure that would better increase profitability. Some customers would wait hours or days for their quote.

The Solution


Build Me Stuff designed and built a simple app that enables the user to build accurate quotes in seconds from anywhere and will send the quote to the customer for on the spot acceptance.

The Outcomes


  • 100% of all customers now receive a real time quote – Estimated six figure increase revenue exposure
  • The app provides 100% certainty a quote will always be profitable unless manually overridden
  • Improved operational outcomes with elimination of mis-quoting
  • Quick quoting on the spot - available on any device
  • Quote traceability at any stage in its lifecycle

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